Otniel-Bogdan Mercea

About me

I am currently a PhD student at the IMPRS-IS, since May 2021, where I am part of EML and AVG groups, working under the supervision of Prof. Zeynep Akata and Prof. Andreas Geiger. My research interests are at the intersection of explainability and interpretability, efficient learning and computer vision in the context of autonomous agents.

Prior, I did an MSc in AI at the University of Edinburgh. The title of my MSc thesis was “What neural networks can not learn”? and it was done under the supervision of Prof. Amos Storkey. The goal of the thesis was to find very easy tasks, in a non-distributional shift scenario, on which current CNNs fail badly.

I did my BSc in Computers and Information technology at Politehnica University of Timisoara. The title of my BSc thesis was “HybridAlpha: Reinforcement Learning on resource-constrained systems” and my supervisor was Prof. Calin-Adrian Popa. The goal of the thesis was to find if I can improve the performance of AlphaZero when run on resource-constrained systems.